Energy Transitions : Toward an International Panel on Energy Science ? 

Call for contributions – afternoon oral and poster sessions

Please submit your abstract (PDF documents are the preferred format) to by December 15th.

During the week, beside about 15 invited lectures, at least three oral sessions and one poster session shall be devoted to the presentation of the participants’ own scientific work. Thus participants wanting to register are also encouraged to propose oral (ca. 20 minutes) and/or poster presentations which will be analyzed and selected by the committees. Due to the limited size of the conference room, only about 50 attendants will be accepted (a total a 70 including invited speakers and organizers), with a priority given to active participants. A few grants should be available to support the expenses of participants, especially PhD students and postdocs. Applications for grants shall be made when registering and submitting papers.

Contributions are welcome on any scientific topic related to the subject of the conference. However, we will favor papers dealing with the following themes :

Theme 1: Macroeconomic models and energy:

-How is energy taken into account by traditional economic models? Proposals may develop a critical analysis of these models as well as propose alternatives

-What are the impacts of the energy sector on other economic sectors, and on the overall economy? Applicants may present models that analyze macroeconomic impacts of evolutions of the energy sector

Theme 2: Energy and networks

a – Energy supply and demand:

-Multiple scenarios can be discussed regarding potential evolutions of energy systems, with various levels of decentralization. Proposals may develop issues pertaining to the evolution of technologies and governance of energy production (renewable energies, self-production and self-consumption, multi-energies systems…) as well as demand evolution and demand-side management issues in various contexts (urban, sub-urban and rural areas).

b – Energy storage and network stability: a state of the art

-For this session, applicants may propose to present their work on issues such as network adaptation and modernization, development of smart grids and micro-grids – considering technological, management and governance issues; and storage.

Theme 3 : Physics-Economy interface; Econophysics for Energy

-History of physics/economy hybridization

-History of energy transitions

-Money and energy in the long run

-Stock-flow models and thermodynamics

Theme 4 : Spatial scaling of actions to manage the energy-climate challenge

-How to implement action from the international level (COP21 and the Paris agreement) to the local scale

 Please submit your abstract to by December 15th.