All the recorded videos can be found on the YouTube channel of the School, in the playlist dedicated to this conference (titled “Energy transitions”).


1- Inaugural address

Yves Bréchet

2- Summary of les Houches 2016

Jacques Treiner

3- The energy of IPCC… or the IPCC of energy

Céline Guivarch

4- Physical and economic analysis of energy transition scenarios

Sandra Bouneau

5- Oral session

Gaël Callonnec

Juergen Mimkes

Quentin Couix

João Santos

6- Energy and IPCC scenarios

Gilles Ramstein

7- Modeling long-term trends in structural raw materials supply, demand and pricing

Fatma Rostom

8- More than an energy issue, we have a problem of materials

José Halloy

9- Resources, the economy and the ecosystem (and the Seneca effect)

Ugo Bardi

10- Oral session

Frédéric Wertz

Antoine Boubault

  • Presentation

Robert Ayres

  • Presentation

Grégoire Chambaz

  • Presentation

11- Grid stability: renewable energy and their turbulent dynamics

Joachim Peinke

12- Circular economy

Gregor Erbach

  • Presentation

13- Identifying and evaluating low-carbon daily mobility solutions in French suburbs

Nicolas Raillard

14- Oral session

Carey King

Stefan Wieland

Gregor Semieniuk

  • Presentation

Carina Faber

  • Presentation

Eric Vidalenc

Gaël Giraud

15- Research and development for COremoval

Klaus Lackner

  • Presentation

16- Industrial Revolutions, Development Blocks and Energy transitions

Astrid Kander

17- What thermodynamics can teach us about Economy : theory and practice

Eric Herbert

18- Macroeconomic models with physical and monetary dimensions

Oliver Richters

19- Energy transition et european energy policy

Adina Crisan-Revol

20- Finance and energy

Mireille Martini

21- Summary and perspectives

Jean-Marc Jancovici